Abandoned and Forgotten






abandoned, empty


Abandoned places pique our curiosity and stir our emotions. We ask ourselves, what happened to the people who once lived or worked here?

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Kilakot Farm

Abandoned Kilakot Farm near Husavik, Iceland

Ed's Place

Interior of abandoned house on Ed Hamilton Rd. in Endicott, Washington, USA

Watercolor Farm

Ruins of old farm buidlings in southeastern Iceland photographed through a rain-drenched window to give it the appearance of a watercolor painting.

Take a Seat

Abandoned house (aka the Haunted House) and barn on Luft Road in the Palouse, Washington, USA

Horror House

Lensbaby photo of abandoned house on Mack Lloyd Rd. in Colfax, Washington, USA

Play With Me

Abandoned swingset at Eddy Point Marine Park, Sand Point, Nova Scotia, Canada

Treadwell Pump House

Pump house at Treadwell mine ruins in Douglas, Alaska, USA

Field House

Abandoned house in Colton, Washington, USA

Prayers Unanswered

A poignant image I call Prayers Unaswered. This garden statue is all that's left of a house in the aftermath of 2003 Harris fire in the east county area of San Diego, California, USA

Picture Window

All that's left of this house is the potted plant on the front patio in the aftermath of 2003 Harris fire in Jamul, California, USA

Smoky Sunset

A pickup truck destroyed by flames as the sun peaks through the smoke in the aftermath of the 2003 Harris fire in eastern San Diego county, Californa, USA

Broken Promise

Broken windmills at the abandoned Kamaoa Wind Farm, South Point, Hawaii, USA

National Bank

Abandoned National Bank of Thurmond, Thurmond, West Virginia, USA

Hringver Farm

Abandoned Hringver farm near Husavik, Iceland.

Cellar Lair

Abandoned Kilakot Farm near Husavik, Iceland

The Master's Chair

Abandoned house on Ed Hamilton Rd in Colfax, Washington, USA

Midnight on the Farm

Old building in Colfax, Washington, USA

Welcome Home

Abandoned house on Whitman Rd., Colton, Washington, USA

Lost in the Wheat

In-camera multiple exposure of abandoned house in wheat field on Whitman Rd., Colton, Washington, USA

Pasture Home

Old abandoned house in Durkee, Oregon, USA

Inside the Powerhouse

Power plant interior, Kennecott Mines National Historical Landmark, Kennicott, Alaska, USA

Mine Train

Independence Mine State Historical Park, Hatcher Pass, Alaska, USA

Kitchen Essentials

Abandoned house in upstate New York, USA

Call from the Past

Yellow rotary dial phone on outside wall of abandoned old office at Old Car City, White, Georgia, USA

Asylum Decay

Abandoned Walker Building at Central State Hospital, Milledgeville, Georgia, USA

Return to Nature

Abandoned house along Interstate 80 (aka, West Street) just east of Kemp Rd. in Swainsboro, Georgia, USA

Highway Home

Abandoned house on Highway 1 near Northport, Maine, USA

Canadian Dream

Abandoned house along highway in Shepody, New Brunswick, Canada

Kitchen Sinks

Abandoned house along highway in Shepody, New Brunswick, Canada

Middle of Nowhere

Abandoned house on Emerson Loop Road near Dufur, Oregon, USA


Abandoned wooden house with shack and tree on Courtney Butte Lane in Flora, Oregon, USA

Flower Patch Home

Abandoned house on Fairbanks Seabury Rd. in Oakesdale, Washington, USA

Portal to the Past

Shed door behind abandoned house on Mack Lloyd Rd. in Colfax, Washington, USA

Bombay Pier

Sunset over the Salton Sea from Bombay Beach, California, USA

Indoor Plumbing

Old sink inside the New Industries Building on Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California, USA

Country Comfort

Easy chair inside a barn at Nelson ghost town, Nelson, Nevada, USA

Culdesac Shack

Old building in Culdesac, Idaho, USA

Roseberry Interior

Interior of old cabin in he historic town of Roseberry, Idaho.