I've been chosen as one of four artists to exhibit at the Castle Tower in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. The five photos I'll be exhibiting are part of my Abandoned and Forgotten series based on one of my favorite subjects: abandoned houses and structures from around the world.

Roseberry InteriorInterior of old cabin in he historic town of Roseberry, Idaho.

Karlovy Vary is a sister city of Carlsbad, California and a popular spa town about an hour west of Prague. The international art exhibit is held in the city's Castle Tower and is part of the Opening of the Spas Festival which attracts thousands of visitors from many countries.

Culdesac ShackOld building in Culdesac, Idaho, USA

Four of the five images I'll be exhibiting were created in the U.S. - Idaho, Washington and Nevada - and one is from Iceland. They are all scenes which I came upon during my travels; I didn't rearrange anything. In my search for interesting old places, I'm constantly amazed at the beauty to be found in these humble buildings.

Country ComfortEasy chair inside a barn at Nelson ghost town, Nelson, Nevada, USA
Watercolor FarmRuins of old farm buidlings in southeastern Iceland photographed through a rain-drenched window to give it the appearance of a watercolor painting.
Ed's PlaceInterior of abandoned house on Ed Hamilton Rd. in Endicott, Washington, USA