Customized In-Person Learning
If you're the type of person who learns best in a one-on-one, personalized environment, I'm here for you. We'll meet online using free screen-sharing software so that we can work together on your computer using your images. I'll teach you Lightroom and, in the process, get your images organized and looking their best.
If this sounds good to you, take a look at my Learn Lightroom page. Then, contact me so we can learn a bit about each other and set up our first training session whenever you are ready.
Other ways to Learn Lightroom
Video Training
There are a lot of free videos online that teach various aspects of Lightroom. Although some of them are very well done, many are of dubious quality and they often gloss over difficult concepts.

Tons of books have been published to teach Adobe Lightroom. Take a look at Amazon or Barnes & Noble to get an idea of the number of titles available. I can't recommend any specifically, because I haven't read them all.
Classes and seminars are a pretty good way to learn for most people. Your local college might have an adult-education department that offers on-campus Lightroom classes. There are seminars by well-known trainers who travel the world teaching Lightroom to large audiences in convention centers and other cavernous spaces. There are also online courses where you share the instructor with a few dozen other eager students.
In my experience working with students who have attended some of these types of seminars and classes, I've heard a couple of common laments:
      • Because these types of classes are usually not hands-on, students don't retain what they've learned.
      • Technical glitches often delay the beginning of the session and eat into the time for which you've paid.
      • The biggest complaint is that other students aren't prepared for the class. I've heard of cases where, in an advanced class, some of the students don't even know how to open the software. Now, the instructor has to spend time bringing them up to speed while the real advanced students twiddle their thumbs.
What is your learning style?
Most Lightroom students will use all of the training methods that I mentioned. Watch some videos, read a few books and take classes. Learning is never wasted.
If you get stuck or just need personalized help, send me an email. I want to help you succeed.
Published April 22, 2022 © 2022 Alan Haynes /
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