Lightroom Training
I love Adobe Lightroom. I'm a Lightroom expert. Here are the basics of what I will teach you to do with Lightroom:
        • Import your images into Lightroom
        •  Get them organized so you can find them again
        • Develop your images to make them look their best
         • Print them on paper
         • Create printed books using Lightroom Classic's built-in Book Module
         • Export your photos out of Lightroom to send to friends and social media
These are just the basics. I will teach you whatever you need to know to accomplish your photographic goals. We'll work online using screen-sharing software that allows us to see and interact with each other's computers so you'll be working on YOUR computer using YOUR images.
I admit it, I'm a geek. I love computers. Let me help you to love them too. In addition to Lightroom, I can teach you how to use your computer more efficiently, set up a backup program so you won't lose your files in a disaster, and install new hard drives and other hardware. I use a Windows computer, but I'm also fluent in Mac.
Let's Get Started
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